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How Rest the Brave

27 Jan – 27 Mar 2022   /   Exhibition@Nest

Helen Cammock
Danilo Correale
Katarina Juričić
Yoojin Lee
Ana Montiel
Frida Orupabo
Remco Osório Lobato
Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum
Mladen Stilinović

In a society that focuses on optimizing and commercializing all our waking moments, questions about the ability to resist the growing demands of capital arise. The group exhibition How Rest the Brave throws a spanner in the wheels of the debilitating productivity culture and questions its excesses.

What aspects of our daily lives provide radical options for escaping the shadow of optimized productivity? What does it mean to do nothing? How can we deal with the need for rest? What value does the unproductive body have?

The lazy protest. The peaceful refusal. The works in this exhibition muse on the potential of dreaming and sleeping as a personal agency within politicized and organized, linear time. They navigate the political dynamics that define which body can afford to rest and which cannot. They research how through both historical and cultural conditioning, each resting body is read and interpreted differently.

The nine artists in How Rest the Brave explore how rest is used as a form of resistance against the growing profit society, which is becoming less equal by the minute. The astonishing, unimaginable reality is that nothing of capitalist value can be withdrawn from rest, dreaming, sleeping, and napping. This exhibition invites you to dream away and reflect on the values and limits of so-called ‘lost time’.

Image: Dayna Casey


I Beg to Differ – Another Way In

18 Jan 2022    20:00   /   Debat@Nest

Deze editie kun je meeluisteren naar het online panelgesprek ‘I Beg to Differ – Another Way in’ op dinsdag 19 januari 2022 om 20.00 uur.

Verwend Nest

19 Jan 2022    13:30   /   Kinderworkshop@Nest

Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.

De Lange Adem

27 Jan 2022   /   Performance@Nest

In het kader van de poëzieweek presenteert NEST op 27 januari, de nationale gedichtendag, De Lange Adem, een poëtische slow-reading met Dominique de Groen.

Rest at Nest

1 Feb – 22 Mar 2022   /   Event@Nest

Every Tuesday Siësta at Nest between 13.00 – 15.00 hrs 

Verwend Nest

16 Feb 2022    13:30   /   Kinderworkshop@Nest

Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.

Hoogtij #68

4 Mar 2022    19:00   /   Hoogtij@Nest

A cultural tour along artists’ initiatives, galleries and art institutions. Hoogtij takes place four times a year on Friday evenings in the city centre of The Hague.

I Beg to Differ – Waking Hours

4 Mar 2022    20:00   /   Debat@Nest

Deze editie kan je meeluisteren naar het gesprek ‘I Beg to Differ – Waking Hours’ met kunstenaar Narges Mohammadi en dichter/performer Dean Bowen in Nest tijdens Hoogtij.

Between the Lines (online)

10 Mar 2022    20:00   /   Leesclub@Nest

For this edition of the reading café ‘Between the Lines’ on March 10, artist Danilo Correale will join us and has picked the book ‘We want everything’ by Nanni Balestrini from 2016.

Hours of my mind

12 Mar 2022    19:30   /   Educatie@Nest

An educational experiment where photography students of The American School of The Hague were guided within their artistic process by artist the artist collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. 

Lie down: a prelude

25 Mar 2022    20:00   /   Performance@Nest

The performance Lie down: a prelude is based on the publication As long as there is time to sleep (2016) offering different points of entry into the fluctuating textures of sleep.

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