Artist Talk – Amber Toorop en Quentley Barbara

27 Jan 2019    15:00   /   Nest@Migratie Museum

On Sunday 27 January at 3 p.m., artists of the exhibition The bricks that build a home under moderation by Wim Manuhutu will talk about their motives, their work and how personal family stories, the themes identity, belonging and home play a role in this.

Amber Toorop studied Graphic Design at the SintLucas in Boxtel and Documentary Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In her work Toorop focuses on a world that only exists in memories and associative details. With her work “G’lijk weleer, mijn lieve schat”, Toorop intimately tells the migration story of her own family and her personal quest for her Indonesian ancestry.

Quentley Barbara graduated last summer from the KABK and won the Jan Roëde Award with his graduation work The Foreigners. In this work Barbara wanted to portray the relationship he has with his family, which according to him is a strong part of his biography. Using seemingly inferior materials such as cardboard and gaffer tape, he has made portraits of his family members. For the presentation in the Migration Museum Barbara added several portraits of family members to The Foreigners.

Wim Manuhutu is director a.i. of the Migration Museum in The Hague. As a historian and specialist in the field of heritage, diversity and (post-)colonial history, Manuhutu is a much requested and experienced chairman and speaker.

This program is part of The bricks that build a home

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