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LARP workshop – with Juliette Lizotte

8 Jun 2022    18:00   /   Workshop@Nest

On Wednesday the 8th of June you are welcome to join artist Juliette Lizotte in a LARP (live action role playing) session and world-building workshop, within the context of the exhibition every moment a junction.

LARP is a form of role-playing where participants take on characters and play out scenarios within a particular setting.
In this workshop, Juliette Lizotte invites you into the world of her multi-channel video installation ‘Sisters of the Wind’ and to take on the role of one of the witches in the work.

During the first two hours, the world will be built, and everyone’s character developed. The second part of the workshop will be spent on role-playing.

To participate, no prior knowledge or experience of role play is required.
Places are limited, therefor reservation is required.

Date: Wednesday 8th of June
Time: 6 – 10 pm
Location: Nest
Language: English
Ticket: donation based

The videowork Sisters of the Wind is part of the exhibition every moment a junction.

‘Sisters… ˜o˚ ’’.)* ‘   ’’.’··º   ° ’’ ’ ‘ ·‘ ‘0’  .º•.· ·.˜  *,’,˚˚   ˚oº°•˜ The wind is returning, as it always does. Sometimes it blows so hard that it carries artifacts away from the cities it tore apart, seeds from far away places, trees that didn’t have enough time to grow stronger… That’s why you always seek a protected area to settle in, relocating as the wind comes and goes in waves. You are witches. You pay attention to the world and try to make sense of this life together through the phases of the moon from maiden to mother to crone. In your community, the feminine spirit dominates, and all gender expressions are celebrated. When your precarious life is threatened by an unsettling prophecy announcing a deadly wind that will prepare the earth for a new cycle, will you go on a journey to find the source of this wind? What will you discover on the way? How will this transform you, your sisters, and the earth forever?’

Juliette Lizotte (France, 1991) a.k.a. jujulove, is a multidisciplinary artist working with video, design, LARP and social games. Inspired by feminist science fiction, manga, pop culture and fantasy, her recent research focuses on witches as ecofeminist key figures. Learning from the subversive character of the witch: marginal, powerful and disruptive, with an unsettling relation to nature, Juliette invokes the powers of witches, their spell casting and their engagement with unconventional knowledges to empower bodies and minds.

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This program is part of every moment a junction

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