Out and About – Tobias Lengkeek

7 May 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

What have you been up to in the past year?
“On the one hand, Corona has pushed me into a different rhythm, but at the same time not that much has changed. As an artist, you often have a period in which you don’t have that many exhibitions, and then you just keep on working in your studio. At the moment, there are fewer new things, whereas otherwise it always keeps on going. That’s why I have started to renovate at home. That’s something I wouldn’t get around to otherwise. At the beginning of the corona crisis, I started a magazine about corona with friends, called Pandemie Magazine. I just hope after five issues that a new edition will not be necessary.”

What are you presenting today?
“On the grass is a painting from the Alteration series. It is one of the few paintings of mine with a human figure in it. You could see him as a ghost or an angel. A human being is very temporary if you compare it to material. And yet material is also often temporary. This temporality is important in my work. The places I paint are often characterised by it, such as a building site. The frame of the work also contributes to this. It forms the frame of the painting, but because of the scaffold-like construction it also forms a relationship between the depicted object and its surroundings.”

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