Performance Anaïs Lopez – The Migrant

16 Dec 2018    15:00   /   Nest@Migratie Museum

On Sunday December 16th between 14.45 – 16.00 hours, artist Anaïs López offers thirty visitors of the exhibition “The bricks that build a home” a unique experience with her live performance ‘The Migrant’ in the Migration Museum.

With a monumental book as the centrepiece, she will take listeners on a journey during the performance. She tells about a small black bird with yellow legs, a rambunctious crest and a sharp throat sound. Everybody in Singapore knows the Javan Myna… and everybody hates it.

The Migrant’ is the remarkable life story of a bird, a story about how we treat animals, about the manufacturability of the city and about our attempts to form the ideal society. At the same time the story is a metaphor for our attitude towards ‘the Migrant’.

Anaïs López tells the story of Myna by means of a book, or better: an art object; screen printed in monumental A3 format with illustrations and popups. The book was designed by award-winning graphic designer Teun van der Heijden and is illustrated by the renowned Singapore cartoonist Sonny Liew.

This program is part of The bricks that build a home

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