Philosophy in The Hague – Lecture by Grâce Ndjako


Philosophy by Grâce Ndjako

Lecture by Grâce Ndjako

Filosofie in Den Haag and Nest invited writer and philosopher Grâce Ndjako for a lecture due to the exhibition ‘Language is the only homeland’. Grâce Ndjako studied in Amsterdam and Paris. She wrote her thesis about the conditions of possibility of an original African philosophy. Some post-colonial philosophers want to liberate philosophical thinking from Western influences, but inspire their theories on Western philosophers to do so. Grâce Ndjako seeks other ways. Currently she organizes master classes in African philosophy together with the National Institute of Dutch Slavery Past and Erfenis (NiNsee). In her lecture she delves deeper into the relationship between language and cultural identity.

Date: Thursday September 27, 2018.
Time: 20.00 to 21.30 hrs
Costs: € 8.00
The lecture is in Dutch

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