Filosofisch Café Lezing door Elize de Mul


Can you actually consider things by themselves? Apart from frameworks, tunnel visions and your expectations? The reason for this question is ‘Even if it’s Jazz or the quiet storm’, an exhibition in Nest without the usual coordinating story or unifying theme. For Filosofie in Den Haag and Nest, the exhibition ‘Even if it’s Jazz or the Quiet Storm’ is reason enough to invite writer and philosopher Elize de Mul to give a lecture. She wonders what it brings us, this encounter with things in itself. What do they show us? The mystery? The world in itself?

Elize de Mul (1987) studied philosophy, and New media and digital culture. She is a PhD student at the Institute for Metajuridics at Leiden University. She wrote ‘Dansen meteen plastic zak, kleine filosofie van een onooglijk ding’. Recently ‘Onszelf voorbij’ (Our Self Beyond) was published, which was written six times together with colleagues Lisa Doeland and Naomi Jacobs. This book is a philosophical reflection on the unstoppable focus on ourselves and our individual well-being. ‘Beyond Usrself’ is on the longlist of the Socrates Cup for the most urgent and stimulating philosophy book 2018.

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