Stadstekenaar: Het Danspaleis in Amare


The city artist (2023-2025) Babette Wagenvoort draws gatherings at places in The Hague, every month we publish one. This time: the Danspaleis in Amare.

Somewhere in a room/hall on the ground floor of cultural palace Amare, a joyful dance party was going on in late September. On the dance floor, couples and happy individuals were dancing to hits and sing-alongs from the last century.

The Danspaleis organises dance parties throughout the Netherlands and aims to use music as a magical tool to bring people together and get older people moving. The magic works, and not just for the very old, as the city signer was also cheered up. And even asked to dance! "Don't say no, eh?". In which her dance partner, although a bit older, was also significantly more flexible and better dressed.