every moment a junction

  • Anca Bârjovanu
  • Carolin Gieszner
  • Cy X
  • hugo x tibiriçá
  • Juliette Lizotte
  • Linnéa Sjöberg
  • sWitches (Ines DeRu, Ella Hebendanz, pamela varela)

The artists in the exhibition every moment a junction present their urgent need for encounter, intimacy and collectivity. Together, the artworks fearlessly respond to the consequences of the individualistic society and appeal for action and a change of mentality.

every moment a junction invites you to follow the various trails to the heart of the exhibition, the ‘coven’. By working with or from wxtchcraft*, rituals, magic, and alchemical practices, the artists explore and shape other ways of being together. Their multidisciplinary practices move between virtual and earthly environments, draw on non-linear narratives, and integrate elements from LARP-games (‘live action role-playing’).

More information on the extensive context program, involving workshops, performances and reading groups, will follow here soon.

This group exhibition is curated by Nest together with melanie bonajo, Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg and Erika Sprey as advisor. At the same time, melanie bonajo and Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg present ‘When the body says Yes’ at the Venice Biennale. The immersive video installation is part of bonajo’s ongoing research into the current status of intimacy in the commodity driven world.

* The exhibition is the physical translation of the extensive virtual program of the Studium Generale cycles ‘Wxtch Craft’ (2020-2022) at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. View the entire program here and read more about Wxtch Craft https://www.kabk.nl/studium-generale/wxtchcraft

Guest curators
  • melanie bonajo
  • Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg
  • Erika Sprey
Graphic design
  • Dayna Casey
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