Fred Sandback: The measurement of space

Solo exhibition Fred Sandback in collaboration with Kunstmuseum Den Haag

  • Maria Barnas – beeldend kunstenaar
  • Meyer-Chaffaud – dansgezelschap
  • Michelle de Bruijn – meditatie expert, wetenschapper
  • Studio LOOS VanBergen/VanKreij – interactieve muziekperformers

At a time when the powers that be regulate our physical distance to one another, Nest presents Fred Sandback: The Measurement of Space to reinterpret our spatial awareness. With strings tautly cutting across an empty room Sandback creates captivating spatial situations, keeping the viewer experience at the center of his artistic practice. In response to the exhibition, makers working from different creative disciplines provide interpretations of their intimate encounters with the void. For the duration of the show their interpretations will be available on Nest’s website and social media channels.

Fred Sandback: The measurement of space is a supplementary summer program at Nest, developed in collaboration with Kunstmuseum Den Haag. We provide visitors with the unique opportunity to appreciate the exhibition individually, allowing for a generous amount of time to be spent with the works.* Time slots may be reserved from July 1.

*Would you like to come with more people? That’s possible. A time slot can be booked for several people (with a maximum of 15).